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GLOBUS PHARMACHEM , formely known as Goyal Group Of Industries , an integrated dye intermediates , plasticizers , pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals manufacturers emerged on the belt of Gujarat 25 years ago with its vision of multi-farious , multi state manufacturing facilities.

Globus PharmaChem , began their manufacturing and marketing operations under a new identity from their state-of-the-art projects at the Mega Industrial Estate at Ghaziabad , U.P.
Several Projects were christened Para Products Pvt Ltd , Meditech Chemicals Pvt Ltd , Sara Exports Ltd , Dauxil Products , Orchid Pharmachem Pvt Ltd to name a few and specialized in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals & chemicals.
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Coated
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) D.C.Grades
Mono Chloro Benzene
Ortho Di Chloro Benzene
Para Di Chloro Benzene
1-2-4 Tri Chloro Benzene
Para Nitro Chloro Benzene
Ortho Nitro Chloro Benzene
Meta Nitro Chloro Benzene
2.4 Di Nitro Chloro Benzene
2.5 Di Chloro Nitro Benzene
2.3 Di Chloro Nitro Benzene 3.4 Di Chloro Nitro Benzene
Nitro Benzene Para Nitro Aniline
4-Chloro 2-Nitro Aniline (Para Chloro Ortho Nitro Aniline)
2-Chloro 4-Nitro Aniline (Ortho Chloro Para Nitro Aniline)
Acetanilide Flakes
Vinyl Sulphone Ester 
Chlorinated Paraffin Oil / Wax
Sulfuric Acid
Di Methyl Sulphate
Hydrochloric Acid
Chloro Sulphonic Acid
Meta Nitro Toluene
Ortho Nitro Toluene
Para Nitro Toluene 

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2000 : Achieved ISO 9001-2000 Certificate

2001: Achieved Padam Bhushan Award

2002 : Started with new plant at Ghaziabad

2003 : Achieved ISO 14000 , GMP

2004 : Increasing Manufacturing Capacity.
Now working at 100% production capacity.
mail us at : info@globuspharmachem.com
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Paracetamol I.P/B.P/U.S.P/E.P
Paracetamol D.C.Grades
Diclofenac Sodium I.P/B.P (Bromine Free)
Diclofenac Potassium B.P/E.P
Diclofenac Diethyl Amine B.P
Diclofenac Free Acid
Diclofenac Apolamine
Diclofenac Deanol
Diclofenac Resinate
Aceclofena Sodium B.P/E.P
Chlorozoxazone U.S.P
Nimesulide B.P
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) I.P/B.P/U.S.P